VPASS Statewide Message for all Institutions

Welcome to the Visitor Processing Appointment Scheduling System (VPASS). This application is offered as an additional service to help expedite and enhance the visitation process (this does not include visits for inmates on Non-Contact status such as inmates in reception center, administrative segregation, condemned, segregated housing unit and other specialized units). Please contact the institution for special appointments for these inmates. VPASS attempts to alleviate many lengthy visiting wait time issues that are being seen around the state while providing the flexibility for each institution to set up the system to meet their visiting needs. At no time will any visitor be turned away solely for the inability to make or schedule an appointment. Instructional videos for account activation, forgot password and edit/cancel appointments can be accessed at http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/visitors. When making an appointment, please remember to click “Confirm This Appointment" on the “VPASS Processing Confirmation” page to ensure you made your appointment successfully. Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation number. Print confirmation sheet and bring to visit if possible. In the event you are not able to show up for your appointment, remember to cancel, this will give someone else the opportunity to visit. Enjoy your visits. Thank you, The CDCR VPASS Team

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